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After you’ve had an amazing interview with whichever firm you’ve been interviewed, or you’ve submitted your application letter to, it could be upsetting that you’ve not received a reply yet. This would make you ask yourself a simple question; can the process be followed up? The answer to this is “YES”.

There are simple ways to follow up with the application process. And you must understand that you cannot be a pest to the company you have applying to. It might take a couple of weeks, say two before you reach back to your prospective employers to know what’s taking so long.

Use existing relationships


You may have the contact of someone who works at the place where you’ve sent your application. If you discover that you do, reach out through the person to help you follow up on what the company is doing with your application. And perhaps you don’t have anyone at the company to reach out to, there’s still another way to follow up a job application.

The use of  Emails

The company most definitely has an email that you could write to. You don’t have anything to stress yourself about when you have your email address at your disposal.

Something you need to note while you are sending your mail is that that address must have a lot of emails to attend to, and if you’ve sent once, you don’t need to do that again. You just have to wait for a reply.

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Get a Phone Number to contact

You might want to be in touch with the manager in charge of hiring. If you cannot get his/her number, it is safe to get that of the help desk. Don’t beat yourself up if you’re told they are not opened for hire. Pick up your courage if it fell on the ground and look elsewhere. You’re more valuable than to feel bad. Probably you’ve seen yourself working there before you did the application, truth is; you’ll find somewhere better.


You should not place your eggs in one basket. Follow up a job application personally and know when it’s not going well that its time to look elsewhere. Avoid stalking the managers and don’t be a bother on the firm. If you’re valuable to them, they won’t let you go away. Decide your value.

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