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Yeahhhhhh I got the job! That’s a piece of very exciting news you want to break…….but how did you get the job? You had no experience? Here are some tips to make you wake up with a lovely smile to a beautiful morning, preparing for your first stay at work without experience. Some might say job hunting without experience is like pouring water in a basket, believe me, it’s possible.

Build your network

This involves meeting people and keeping friends. You meet people everywhere at the mall, the market, school, eatery, and so on try to be nice. Keep in touch with these individuals who have any contact with the field of work or a job related to the job you want to venture into keeping a healthy relationship with them. Try to be neutral when you hit up conversations with them regarding the job. Extend kindness expect nothing in return and be transparent, nothing shady, try to be optimistic about getting a job through your network of friends, Such relationships can help you get a job because you can be recommended. The recommendation goes a long way in getting you a job because someone knows you are right for the job. Don’t forget appreciation goes a long way in making people value you after offering help.

Build your personality

You need to have a notable personality to get a job. You need to have a captivating personality to prove beyond reasonable doubts that you are qualified for the job. A person might have the experience on the job but loses that opportunity with a personality that is nothing to write home about. Build your confidence, be bold, outspoken, truthful, trustworthy, reliable and devoted. Experience does not make a perfect person for the job. In this century companies need workers with talents. An individual may have lots of experience but cannot execute a task completely. Some companies prefer hiring you and training you to execute a task. One might be able to communicate properly, think fast, diffuse problems and is patient. After a conversation with an employer he would see how devoted and ready you are for the job and that’s a step. Remember every employer would want to showcase the quality of staff so your personality helps a lot.

Promote your skills

It’s possible you have no experience with a job but you have a skill relating to that job or your previous job which can be promoted, promote that skill. This can be a way of getting that job you want. Focus on the skills you have, nurture it because people are always watching to see that hardworking person that is qualified for the job which can be a stepping stone to getting the job.

Reading: A habit you must develop

The brain’s ability to retain what is read for a short period of time is great. According to Northwestern University psychology professor Paul Reber explains that our brains have the capacity to store up to 2.5 petabytes of data. That’s the equivalent of three million hours of TV shows. You may not have practical experience with a job but that 32-page textbook you downloaded recently on your gadget about that job has all the information you need. Reading about the job in question reveals a lot and does not leave you clueless. Be familiar with related terms to the job know how to use them and when yo use them. This gives you theoretical knowledge of the job. Read wide to broaden your knowledge and increase your intelligence. Every employer needs an employee that can lead a task he or she has been given to executive it and return with a favorable report. Remember readers are leaders.

Have your reasons

When job hunting you definitely would be asked the WH questions. These questions come in different forms such as, “Why do you need this job, what goals do you want to accomplish with this job, do you know of any existing problem you wish to solve, why should I hire you”? A clear and eloquent answer to such questions gives your employer reasons for you to be hired.

Be open to opportunities

You need to be ready before the gun is shot for you start the race but if you’re not, you lose the race. Keep up with news on job opportunities, check blogs and sites that provide such information. Be ready to have that conversation with that manager concerning the job. Subscribe to channels that informs you of a job always be ready.

Work for free

A job is exactly aimed to get you cash in your pocket but never underestimate the attention you would get when the sentence- I could work for free now- pops out. When you work initially without getting paid you stand an opportunity of getting more skills ideas and experience. Everyone wants to work and get paid but you desiring to work and get paid gives you an edge over others. It shows your desire for the job and willingness to work.


You have built your network, your personality, you have promoted your skills, read about the job and have your reasons for you to get the job. You are on your mark ready and waiting for the bullets of opportunities to be shot and have decided to work for free now you have to be realistic and take the first step in applying for the job, going for the interview for the job and wait for your employer to say “congratulations, you start on Monday “

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